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Hi! This site is a little labor of love about my passion for food, cooking, nutrients and exercise. Its my little gift to you from my heart, as my other passion is to help others with their health. Its also about discovery and the mysteries about health that I continue to unravel and marvel at. So welcome!


As a labor of love from my heart, I’m cycling to raise money for the anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.  Here is a link to the list of the cycle rides that i’ll be taking part in over the next few months. Its a series of rides that include a mega 600km cycle ride in May 2018. So please pledge support and visit my fundraising page on Virgin Giving for more details about this and also to make a kind donation!

wealth is health

My own personal health journey has involved gaining profound awareness about how health is the cornerstone of anything that we do. And this is a journey of learning to master (as opposed to being mastered by) my own myofacial pain.

12 years ago, this myofacial pain began to cripple me physically and devastate my ability to live. And after years of learning  to cope with this neuro-muscular disorder, in recent months I found the symptoms return with greater force than I had experienced in years. Powerful spasms were causing me to lose sensation in my hands and feet, losing the ability to co-ordinate muscles. That’s when i noticed an underlying pattern related to bullying in my childhood.

You may know how it feels to be bullied. Maybe it’s a conscious voice (that you are aware of) in your mind. Or it could be unconscious – the same punishing, punitive voice but just more visceral, more felt, like emotions or physical spasms that seem to have no cause. It was spasms like these that I began to experience and then learn from. And unwinding my body from the abuse the spasms were causing in turn revealed the nature of what brought those spasms about – unconscious bullying.

Or maybe you don’t know what bullying causes. Maybe like me you are unaware of what causes you physical or emotional or psychological distress to this day – years after the original bullying. Maybe you are still driven to react, be triggered, and act in ways that distort and shape your choices, both conscious and unconscious, as you seek to avoid and protect yourself from that bullying.

Throughout it all, I have found exercise helped me cope with the underlying distress i have felt – of either conscious oppressive thoughts and feelings, or unconscious anxiety gripping my body and soul. Yet I don’t believe anyone should need to have their life distorted and be forced to cope with either the overt and the subtle effects of bullying.

So now I am training myself to be free of these effects – and training to ride a series of endurance cycle events. All of this i want to assist raise awareness of bullying and also support the anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label that is helping to empower people who suffer from bullying.

So please support this mission and visit my fundraising page on Virgin Giving to make a kind donation!

Many thanks for your support!




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