company network

The company network will employ integrative and functional medical practices with a goal of mutually working together in order to address health care problems. Principally the network will achieve this through providing integrated medical treatment and making health a lifestyle consideration. In doing so, the network aims make the world and the people in it healthier and more prepared to share a vibrant and fulfilling future.

The network itself functionally serves to provide health education and provide health products and services so that customers are self-empowered and community supported with regard to their health. A target of this network will be in enhancing new standards with regard to health care provision and health insurance, namely that people who take a proactive approach to their health a preventative approach to disease should be personally rewarded. Furthermore, the target is to promote health care that incorporates integrative and functional medical practices.

The company network will further act to promote food products, producers and retailers that incorporate food standards that correspond to the quadruple bottom line approach – namely the integration of fair-trade, organic and natural food standards with food labeling that provides better education about health. These food standards will furthermore address environmental issues in food production and supply, such as the environmental impact of national and international shipping. The target of this is the establishment of a new standard in food production and labelling

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