leaders and teams

The company aims to create and support health leaders within corporate companies.  These leaders first and foremost are to be assisted and supported in their health education by the company  through the use of the company’s products, services, web-site and company network. At the same time, these health leaders are to be assisted by the company in educating and supporting others around them.

This health education relates to the company’s ethic regarding sustainability and collaboration, thus individual leaders embody health orientated behaviors in a sustainable manner and demonstrate that behavior as models to others. It furthermore relates to the leaders collaborating sustainably with others to create teams that support and motivate each other in addressing health goals. This reflects the founder’s passion for teamwork and belief in the power unleashed when people connect and work together collaboratively with compassion and purpose. And teams and individual team members will be supported by health professionals in the company network.

In addition, leaders will be encouraged by the company to address corporate health issues, and form focus teams and support groups to address those health concerns. The company will then encourage these leaders, teams and groups to provide feedback both to the company and the company network so that the network can assist in providing solutions, again through collaborative and sustainable economic effort.

The target is all of this is to promote health issues as a responsibility for all and not just those immediately concerned. It furthermore is to promote that businesses can play a key role in forming solutions that are sustainable in terms of delivering solutions to health problems.


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