metabolic management

Hormones dance around our bodies as we dance with life. And Metabolic Management is about keeping those hormones in balance with the rhythms and tunes of our lives. Equally it is about tuning our lifestyle and eating habits so that those hormone systems are also in balance. When balanced, our metabolism is optimized and we feel fully vitalized and alive.

All too often however, our hormone systems are under pressure, and we do not feel this glowing sense of vitality. Insulin may be surging due to a diet low in fiber and high in simple carbohydrates. Adrenal hormones may be burning us out due to chronic stress. Or thyroid hormones may be lowered, in turn lowering our metabolism, again due to chronic stress. The reversal and avoidance of this involves awareness and management of these key hormone systems. In turn this will alter our metabolism and restore our vitality

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