metabolic rate

Metabolic Rate (MR) – reflects the amount of energy needed to maintain metabolic functions (such as breathing and maintaining organ and muscle function). This amount of energy is measured in kilocalories. MR is decreased in older, larger and heavier individuals, as well as those with poor thyroid function (ie low T4 / Thyroxine). MR is increased in younger, smaller and thinner individuals, and those with high thyroid function (ie high T4). Total metabolic rate (TMR) is the total amount of kilocalories the body must consume to maintain all body activities and functions. TMR is radically influenced by exercise – vigorous exercise will elevate TMR for several hours after the exercise.

Adapted from:

Marieb, E.N. (2009). The essentials of human anatomy and physiology. San Francisco, C.A.: Pearson Education

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