The company’s mission is to create lifestyle related corporate wellness programs and products. Furthermore it will work with health insurance organizations and corporate clients with a key aim to ensure that health insurance motivates, facilitates and empowers corporate employees to take preventative and health promoting approaches to health care. This aim is based upon using integrative and functional medical practices to prevent health risks, and to promote the actualization of healing and health promoting habits.

The lifestyle programs the company aims to provide will be individually tailored to each customer’s unique health requirements and furthermore created and supported by health care professionals (such as doctors, health educators, healers and exercise coaches). And these lifestyle programs will be linked to health insurance schemes in such as way that individual customers receive measureably reduce disease risk in customers using the plans, thus saving insurance companies money in health claims. The aim of this is that money saved by health insurance companies is used to motivate customers to take preventative and proactive approaches to their health care. And the overall emphasis of the plans are that they incrementally change customers’ lifestyles with sustainable habits that measureable improve customers health and vitality.

The people that the company aims to engage with most closely in the development of these programs are medical practitioners, researchers and health professionals. This network of health professionals will be drawn upon in order to form the individually tailored lifestyle programs. Furthermore this network will be made accessible to customers so they can find health professionals who can provide specific health treatments, coaching , consulting and education. The company will provide space on its site for those health professionals to advertise their services and it will also advocate health professionals to customers. In addition to this, the company will work with health insurance companies and brokers to co-create insurance schemes that motivate and reward customers for taking preventative approaches to their health. And it is to link company provided lifestyle programs to insurance benefits.

An additional aim of this network will be to advance the provision of medical care and treatment through using an integrative medical approach. The company will do this by establishing a web-site and platform for health professionals to interact and swap understandings about health between themselves in order to deliver integrative solutions to health problems (for example, integrating Western biomedical practices with Traditional Chinese medical practices in both the diagnosis and treatment of disease states). This platform will further engage health research professionals so that they can have forums regarding cutting edge practices and topics, topics and research that can further be used to educate health professionals.

The key aim of this platform is to identify gaps in current knowledge and enhance interdisciplinary and innovative working practices between health professionals. Furthermore it is to promote innovative medical practices such as metabolic medical testing, genetic screening and management of genetic disease triggers. And the function to the company of this platform is the provision of health education customers can use as well as to form a network of health professionals who can support and contribute to health claims and lifestyle products the company makes.


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