networking plan

The network that the company aims to create on this site will act co-dependently and in a mutually supporting manner. This reflects the founder’s passion for collaborative teamwork that primarily relates to his rowing experiences. The network meanwhile will comprise businesses as well as individuals and health professionals and will act to mutually promote and enhance each other’s business success whilst also addressing quadruple bottom line ethical issues. The aim of this is to establish an on-line community of people and businesses interacting, working together, sharing information and supporting each other.

The initial and core focus of this network will be to provide accurate and empowering health related information on the pages of the company’s web-site and inter-relate that to information on web-sites primarily in the company network. This information will be provided in a useable manner for people visiting that site and will further encourage their interaction and engagement using that site with other users.

The network itself will also be comprised of health practitioners and professionals as well as organizations (such as Non-Governmental Organizations) and health related businesses such as food producers and retailers. It will also comprise health care researchers and scientists who are acting to innovate understanding about health.

The company also aims to engage with medical insurance companies and medical insurance underwriters. In doing so, the company aims to co-create insurance schemes that motivate and reward people for taking preventative approaches to their health. And it is to link company provided lifestyle programs to insurance benefits.


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