nutrition site


  • To create a web-site and community built around passion, food, cooking and nutrients
  • To provide recipes and education about  healthy eating and cooking practices
  • To provide training advice and education about exercise and emotional health

Product mission

  • To make people passionate about food and nutrients as well as what they can do with those nutrients (eg exercise) and gain (eg enhanced emotional health)
  • To make cooking fun, easy and educational
  • To make eating functional with regard to health (eg social and nutritious)
  • To build events (such as classes) and on-line communities surrounding food and the rituals involved (eg preparation, cooking, eating)
  • To build events and on-line communities regarding exercise and emotional, psychological and spiritual health and to provide health advice from professionals working in these health areas


The site will provide enhanced health education through an open-sourced network whereby the company will partner with nutrition educators and professional chefs to make the site both engaging and provide cutting edge education about food, nutrients, cooking  and health from a functional medical approach. The company furthermore aims to engage with exercise professionals as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual health professionals to produce content on this web-site that educates about health from an integrated medical approach. The company will partner with these cooking and health professionals in a mutually beneficial manner whereby these professionals can promote themselves and gain clientele in exchange for the web-site content they provide


  • The company will use this web-site for education regarding the healing and health promoting effects of natural foods. This web-site will encourage active participation from food consumers and nutrition educators in order to find innovative tools, platforms and methodologies for engaging and educating these consumers and educators in an ongoing manner. A key component to this web-site will be the creation of a community and forum for active swapping of ideas and understandings.
  • This web-site will also provide a platform for consumers to engage with professional chefs regarding cooking techniques and recipes. This platform will further allow consumers to co-create recipes in forums as well as explore the exact health promoting qualities of the nutrients within the recipe. A key component to this platform will be the engagement of passions and mystery in the art of food creation.
  • This web-site will also provide education about exercise modalities and encourage practitioners to engage in communities and forums concerning exercise and training methods. The web-site will also engage exercise trainers and form partnerships with them so they can participate in the communities in educating them from their professional standpoint. The aim of this is to allow practitioners and participants from a wide variety of exercise pursuits to co-create innovative and sustainably engaging exercise methods.
  • The web-site will provide education about health from an integrated medical approach that includes mind body (ie somatic) awareness as well as spiritual, social, emotional and environmental awareness. The company will engage with emotional, psychological and spiritual health professionals using the web-site and form partnerships with them in the same way it will participate with exercise professionals.

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