• To put customers in charge of their health so they are self-empowered to address their own health and to have access to information and professionals to assist them
  • To simplify health advice and education so that it is readily usable by customers and that is verified by academic resources and scientific research
  • To provide health questionnaires so that customers can assess and address their own health problems and goals
  • To ensure customer’s health requirements are addressed by placing them in contact with health professionals, trainers, coaches and consultants who can address customer needs in an individual and integrated medical manner
  • To make lifestyle programs that are tailored toward individual customer health requirements
  • To provide nutritional products and services that support health programs and further serve as an introduction to them
  • To provide and build health communities on the principle of self-empowerment so that those communities serve, support and sustain themselves in healthy lifestyle
  • To provide and build forums on the company web-site for debate on popular health claims as well as cutting edge health news

Core Company Offering

  • On-line provision of health related information, education and communities discussion to support  the full personal potential of health to be realized
  • Lifestyle programs that combine all aspects of health in order to fully address health requirements and goals and do so in manageable steps that sustain and maintain progress
  • Access to health professionals who will assist customers with their health and further ensure any lifestyle program they undertake is targeted and tailored to their individual requirements
  • Functional food and drink products as well as dietary supplements that support the lifestyle programs as well as having healing and health promoting functions
  • Reduced health costs (ie disease treatment) with consequent reductions in health insurance premiums and increased productivity in the workplace

Lifestyle programs – formed to deliver specific health goals, individually tailored reductions in disease risk and reduced health insurance costs. These programs are to formed through an open innovation strategy using the company network and incorporate specifically effective components that comprise:

  • Nutritional component
  • Exercise component
  • Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual component
  • Social / Human interaction and connection component

 Community, Medical and Business Network formation

  • On-line and off-line community and event formation that support Lifestyle programs (such as Yoga classes, holistic retreats and sporting events)
  • A Medical network of health practitioners who collaborate in discussing research and integrating medical practices that fully support mind, body, emotion and spirit health
  • A Business Network that is supportive to its members and collaborative both in business and in the establishment of a quadruple bottom line approach to business 

Nutrition site – that support the lifestyle programs and provides engaging advice about cooking, nutrients as well as exercise and holistic health matters

Functional nutritional products and dietary supplements – that support lifestyle programs 


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