Empower yourself:

  • Learn some basic recipes
  • Learn some basic information about nutritional health
  • Build from there! Be Creative, Experimental … and have fun!

Be Natural and appreciative

  • Discover what really suits your tastes and nutritional needs:
  1. What nutrients are in the food you eat?
  2. What are you using your food for?
  3. How does the food that you eat make you feel?
  • Develop a loving relationship with food: appreciate the life in your food and the work done by farmers who work with the forces of nature to produce it. In addition, respect all that is given in your food to nourish your body and life
  • Help your body be naturally vibrant with detoxifying green leaves, phyto-nutrient rich juices and healthy cooking methods (that avoid overcooking your oil!)
  • Discover what raw, natural, wholegrain, fresh, organic and sustainably farmed ingredients can do for you … and what you can do with them!

Be present and unwind the mind:

  • Cooking can be a mindful form of meditation
  • Cooking can be useful for mentally focused zone training
  • Cooking can be useful for mind-body flow training


  • Chemical pollutants in food production and packaging by buying organic
  • Nutrient depleted processed foods by using wholegrain, fresh ingredients
  • Unhealthy fats, sugars, food additives and flavorings
  • Potentially hazardous cooking materials such as Teflon and Aluminium that may be used in restaurant and industrial food production
  • Not knowing what you are made of: the food that you eat! (and the food that you don’t)

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