elevator pitch

Huguru is a company I aim to form based on a vision to transform the provision of health care and make health a bottom line business issue.

I have spent the last decade passionately focused on finding ways to improve my personal health and vitality and uncovering ways to reduce and prevent health problems.  I recognize the need to share my knowledge so more and more people will benefit and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. By creating, Huguru, I will be able to do this.

You need vibrant health and vitality. Your family, friends, community and employer all benefit when you are healthy. And so does your health insurance provider. Huguru products and services will have focused functional and proven cumulative health benefits – to help you get and stay healthy. They will include:

  • On-line informational resources that focus on health, nutrition and exercise advice
  • An online accessible community of experts and peers
  • Natural and organic food products

Many people don’t realize that some “healthy” solutions like prescribed medications can actually have dangerous implications for your health. The company I describe in the business plans listed outlined here aim to free you to live your full potential. Specifically the company mission is to ELATEEmpower, Love And Transformation Everyday through:

  1. Creating products and services that transform people’s health
  2. Creating lifestyle health programs that deliver reduced insurance premiums
  3. Creating a network of people and companies who transform the health of the world

If you share my passion to help others and transform the health of the world, or if you know of people who have this same passion, please contact me (or ask them to contact me) via this web-site. Many thanks!


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