metabolic cleansing overview

Metabolic Cleansing is a lifestyle orientated solution to blood sugar and inflammatory issues. Details about this cleansing program can be found here whilst details about the cleansing lifestyle can be found here.

Involved is a removal of toxins from the body as weight is lost. Please note that toxins are stored in body fat, thus, as weight is lost, those toxins are released. You may feel tired, irritable or even find simple tasks hard to do. You may also experience a turbulence of feelings and thoughts.

Please – take care and be careful with your thoughts and feelings: give them room and treat them with responsibility by acknowledging them. Also, be care free and let these feelings go, just like the toxins and bad habits that are leaving your life and your body.

Above all, go at your own pace – too fast, and you’ll be overwhelmed by toxins and withdrawal symptoms. These can not only be extremely uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous and damaging to your immune system. I’ve set out a program and its in stages – each stage leads to the next so you know where you are and how to prepare as you go. Please – go at your own pace and … keep going!

Metabolic cleansing is performed by the liver and immune (lymphatic) systems to remove compounds from the body. Those compounds may be formed as by products of normal metabolic processes (endotoxins) or they may be compounds (xenobiotics) and organisms (Micro-organisms) that originate from outside the body.

Endotoxins: metabolic end products that are by products of normal body processes, but damaging, especially if exposure to them is prolonged. Examples include Free radicals (ROS), Circulating Immune Compounds (CIC) and stress hormones.

Xenobiotics: examples include all medical drugs and alcohol, pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, food additives and contaminants

Micro-organisms: such as bacteria, virus of fungi which first must be identified by the immune system as being non-self and dangerous (antigen) before immune processes work to isolate and clear them

Factors that lead to lack of adequate metabolic cleansing include chronic exposure to any of the above, or an overloaded of insufficiently nutrified liver and immune system as well as stress. The result is the accumulation of toxins within the body resulting in chemical sensitivity, allergy and auto-immune triggering. Furthermore, toxins will be stored in fatty tissues, muscle and joints – which triggers arthritis amongst other health disorders.

Additional factors involved in metabolic processes involve by products involved in the metabolism of fats (lipid peroxides) and blood sugar (Advanced Glycation End products) as well as biological intermediaries such as cholesterol and homocysteine. The effect of disruptions to metabolic cleansing or to normal metabolic processes is arterial inflammation and the formation of plaques resulting in health disorders such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s.

The key to resolving and avoiding these issues is to successfully enable metabolic cleansing and balanced metabolic activity (Homeostasis).  At the core of this is the metabolic reboot to you system provided by the Cleansing Program which in turn is sustained and supported by the Elimination Lifestyle. Involved in this is regulating dietary fat intake, regulating blood sugar levels and regulating stress. In addition eliminate chemical toxins as well as allergenic foods. The science behind this can meanwhile be explored more here.


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