NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Limonoids, Flavonoids, Lycopene, Glucarates, Pectin
  • Cholesterol lowering and heart health – due to pectin fiber
  • Normalizes hematocrit levels (% red blood cells per volume of blood)
  • Flavonoid Naringin shown to promote elimination of red blood cells and also have adaptogenic effects – raising red blood cell count as well as lowering it
  • Lycopene – heart health, anti-cancer, anti-macular degeneration
  • Limonene – inhibits tumor formation by promoting formation of detoxifying enzyme glutathione-S-transferase in liver
  • Glucarates in pulp – prevent breast cancer by helping body get rid of excess estrogen
  • High pesticides
  • Peel contains high levels of oxalates and oils in peel can interfere with body functions – e.g. Citral in citrus peel antagonizes some of the effects of Vit A
  • Naringin poses risk by blocking the actions of liver enzymes:
    • Caffeine – extending effects and half-life of caffeine by blocking its breakdown and elimination
    • Medication users (e.g. calcium channel blockers, statin drugs, sedatives, post organ transplant immune suppressant cyclosporine) by blocking metabolism of the drug leading to higher concentrations in body and toxic effects
RDA Grapefruit, raw, pink and red, all areas % RDA
Nutrient Unit per100g
Water g 3700 88.06 2.4%
Energy kcal 2600 42 1.6%
Protein g 90 0.77 0.9%
Total lipid (fat) g 87 0.14 0.2%
Carbohydrate, by difference g 224 10.66 4.8%
Fiber, total dietary g 38 1.6 4.2%
Sugars, total g 6.89
Calcium, Ca mg 1000 22 2.2%
Iron, Fe mg 8 0.08 1.0%
Magnesium, Mg mg 420 9 2.1%
Phosphorus, P mg 700 18 2.6%
Potassium, K mg 470 135 28.7%
Sodium, Na mg 0
Zinc, Zn mg 11 0.07 0.6%
Copper, Cu mg 0.9 0.032 3.6%
Manganese, Mn mg 2.3 0.022 1.0%
Selenium, Se µg 55 0.1 0.2%
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 90 31.2 34.7%
Thiamin mg 1.2 0.043 3.6%
Riboflavin mg 1.3 0.031 2.4%
Niacin mg 16 0.204 1.3%
Pantothenic acid mg 5 0.262 5.2%
Vitamin B-6 mg 1.7 0.053 3.1%
Folate, total µg 400 13 3.3%
Choline, total mg 7.7
Betaine mg 0.1
Vitamin B-12 µg 2.4 0 0.0%
Vitamin A, IU IU 5000 1150 23.0%
Vitamin E, total mg 15 0.13 0.9%
Vitamin D IU 600 0 0.0%
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 120 0 0.0%

RDA – Recommended Dietary Amount recommendations are based upon calculations for a 40 year old very active man that I have adapted from USDA’s Dietary Intake Guidelines. Using this link you can make your own calculations

Adapted from:

Murray, M. (2005). Encyclopedia of Healing Food. New York, N.Y.: Atria Books

USDA food database:

Fuhr, Uwe, K. R. I. S. T. I. N. A. Klittich, and A. Horst Staib. “Inhibitory effect of grapefruit juice and its bitter principal, naringenin, on CYP1A2 dependent metabolism of caffeine in man.” British journal of clinical pharmacology 35.4 (1993): 431-436

Bailey, D. G., Malcolm, J., Arnold, O., & David Spence, J. (1998). Grapefruit juice–drug interactions. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 46(2), 101–110. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2125.1998.00764.x

Other information sources:

World’s Healthiest Foods – an excellent online food and nutrition encyclopedia

Self Nutrition Data: an online nutrient breakdown of foods

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