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Let’s put an end to Alzheimer’s! I’m currently raising funds for the Alzheimer’s association and here is my fundraising page. So please make a donation today! Meanwhile I’d like to share something I’m benefiting from right now …

Functional medical testing

Functional medicine essentially looks at underlying factors that govern health and addresses where imbalances may be occurring. And it provides a complete picture of where health may be at any given moment. So I’d really advise you to do get some functional medical tests done yourself!

In preparation for the training for these long bike rides, I did some blood tests and had them examined from a functional medical point of view. Doing testing like this is central to my business and health ideas – so i’m personally putting these ideas to the test! And what i found was incredibly revealing, especially when the results were compared to a blood test I had done 3 years ago

This older test revealed no major health issues when viewed from a standard medical point of view. However, when viewed from a functional medical point of view, they reveal danger signs of potential chronic health problems. Now both these 3 year old blood tests combined with my recent blood tests show how those chronic problems have been insidiously eclipsing me from my health potential and preventing me from reaching my life goals. They also reveal real dangers of much more advanced medical problems in the future

All this relates to a very common story for many people, including myself – that we do not get diagnosed with a health problem until the problem itself is in an advanced disease state. Then the treatment often becomes disease centered on managing the symptoms of the disease. Overall this can lead to us spending our time managing symptoms, but never really addressing the underlying causal factors in our health

In my case, I have spent over half my life managing symptoms of stress and distress. Yet by failing to address underlying factors in my physical health, I now face increasingly advanced health problems concerning my digestion, absorption of nutrients, metabolism and blood sugar balance. I am also at risk of auto-immune problems in the future. So I’m really happy to have done the tests – to reveal both where I am with my health and also do the work now to bring my life and health back on track!

Maybe you yourself have had a niggling problem affecting your energy or mood. Or maybe you do alot of exercise and use things life caffeine alot. Maybe you have a problem affecting your ability to lose weight, or a problem concerning infections and allergic reactions. If that’s the case, don’t you think its worth getting tested to see how the underlying systems in your body are functioning? Equally there could be some underlying health issues worth getting tested for – such as a blood sugar, hormonal or immune imbalance that could trigger a future risk of gaining a disease like such as Alzheimer’s

As I mentioned in my post about Diabetes type 3, Alzheimer’s disease itself has a direct causal relationship to blood sugar balance. I’ll be addressing this myself and writing about how to both optimize blood sugar as well as the balance of other key hormones in the body. And as I do so, I’ll be training for some long bike rides and fundraising. Once again, please help to put an end to the misery that Alzheimer’s causes by making a donation on my fundraising page today! And thank you sincerely for your support!


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