reishi mushroom


Part used Mushroom
Use 2 oz to 32 oz water decoct 4 hours
  • Immuno-modulator – up and down regulates immune function
    • Immune enhancing Triterpenes treat viral infections
  • Improves cardiovascular function
  • Adaptogenic qualities are cumulative and mild – improves adrenocortial function and relieves stress
  • Premier longevity herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine – nourishes shen and reduces anxiety, insomnia, moodiness, poor memory and listlessness
  • Cannot be eaten
  • Advisable to take a one month break from continual daily intake every 3 months, then resume
  • Chemical treatment whilst growing – buy organic
  • Moderate oxalates (calcium absorption and kidney stones)
  • Significant source of purines (broken down to form uric acid that can lead to excess uric acid and kidney problems)
  • Excess can cause diarrhea, bloating
  • Allergy food – may cause skin rashes

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