Part used Root
Use 2 tsp and decoct in 10 oz water for 15 mins, steep 45 mins
  • Nervous system tonic and anti-depressant
  • Cooling adaptogen and is unlikely to cause over-stimulation
  • Enhances alertness, reduces fatigue, improves memory and relieves depressed state
  • Prevents immune depletion from overwork, excessive physical training or cancer treatment
  • Normalizes various endocrine glands – good for blood sugar, sexual reproduction and relieving muscle stiffness and spasm
  • Prevents damage to and strengthens heart muscle
Dangers Not good for biploar, manic or paranoid patients

Adapted from:

Winston, D. & Maimes, S. (2007). Adaptogens: Herbs for strength, stamina and stress releif. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press

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