Ride London 2018

ridelondon100_1_1Ride London 2018 was a wet, windy cycle ride through Surrey and the final event in this year’s series of cycle rides I have been doing. It was also the most poignant – for i had done the same event a year ago.

But last year my energy levels bottomed out and I barely made it to the finish. Talk about walking home with my tail between my legs! My eating strategy was all wrong! And me, the nutrition geek too!

Its been a year of learning and relearning since then – experimenting with and adding to what I learned during my MA in health and nutrition. And I embarked on a quest to find flow as I cycle and to cycle distances I once thought of as unthinkable – such as riding 600km with only a couple of hours of rest.

Part of this quest meant coming face to face with a great deal of health issues. And that forced me to choose – to deal with the issue and resolve it, or sacrifice the gains I was making in my cycling training.  That choice is what my quest this summer has been about – the small choices I can make to achieve the health I need to realise my potential.

And you can benefit from this too! Just click on the links below:

Healthy digestion!

Allergies and sensitivities

Love your liver!

Honey and Maple syrup – as fuel instead of energy gels

Adaptogenic herbs

  1. Ashwaghanda
  2. Asian Ginseng
  3. Siberian Ginseng
  4. Schisandra berry
  5. Reishi mushroom

Sports Nutrition


So Ride London this year was a pinnacle for me – I did some of the best cycling I have ever done. And I began to really flow, to glide and enjoy the ride itself – despite the wind and rain!


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