Ten Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years



“If only…” These two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language.

Here are ten choices that ultimately lead to this phrase of regret, and how to elude them:

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stretching for cyclists

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“Let THE body … BE a body”

DOStress too often has taken over my life. And this is where becoming aware of my body sensations has allowed me to put this stress on pause and open doors to greater awareness. This is characterised by the Japanese word “Do” (or “Dao” in Chinese) – meaning martial and spiritual path to enlightenment.

In this post and in my post on tuning out, turning on, dropping in, I want to emphasise the amazing bounty that somatic (or body) awareness can give  us. And this is a wonderful anti-dote to the stress and distress that can grip us.

In essence, if we can respect our bodies, respect the secrets it has for us, respect body’s own unique messages and language, life can be much richer. In turn, we can flow with greater harmony with life itself. In doing so, the grip that stress and distress has on us can be loosened.

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miso salmon recipe

Salmon is a great source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. And miso, like other fermented foods, is brimming with healthy bacteria for your lower intestines. Continue reading

spices and herbs for digestion

 Wow! I am amazed by the healing power of herbs and spices! Not only do they add such depth and flavor to foods, they are incredibly powerful aids for digestion and gut health. So, further to my post on healthy digestion, here are super spices and helpful herbs to include in your cooking – bon appetit! Continue reading

nut butter


Nut and seed butters are incredibly nutritious and you can increase that nutritional value by soaking your nut (or seed) before making the butter. So making your own butter really is worth it! And its simple and fun – here’s how

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soak your nuts!

fullsizeoutput_9faIs soaking nuts and seeds necessary? YES! I’ve found that nuts that have been pre-soaked taste much better, are more nutritious and don’t end up undigested! Continue reading

Flour and grains

Which grains have gluten? And what are the nutritional benefits of both grains and flour made from them? Find out here! And then try this bread baking recipe!

  • Quinoa, Rice and Sorgum are Gluten free grains
  • Buckwheat and Millet are Low Allergen foods and not 100% Gluten free
  • Amaranth, Oats and Spelt / Farro  contain Low amounts of Gluten
  • Rye, Triticale and Whole Wheat contain less Gluten than White Flour
  • Corn and White Flour are common allergen foods

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mood food

grafvision / Shutterstock.comA persistent low mood such as depression and anxiety is devastating. In my post on Brain Health, I went into some key dietary factors that determine the physiological health of our brains. Here in this post I am going to go a little deeper to give you more insights and more solutions to mood issues.

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green smoothie recipe!

Pineapple_Green_SmoothieThis recipe packs in a punch for your liver health and brain function and is a great wake-up juice for the morning. So get blending and in the process, give your liver a loving hug!

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healthy digestion!


What we absorb or digest properly has more importance than what we eat. And key to this is health of the digestive, or Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract. I’m referring here to avoiding the worst that can happen: malabsorption and the lack of absorption of nutrients and food. In this post I’m going to go into some tips and rituals to take care of your tummy! Continue reading

importance of dietary fat

dietary_fat-omega (1)Fat is crucial to your health! Fats form the outer (phospholipid) layer of cell membranes throughout the body. And its the quality of fat in that layer is crucial in determining cell membrane function as well as the quality of cell function.

For example, Omega 3 fats play a central role in cell composition of the brain, eyes and myelin sheath around nerves:

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brain health

brain healthGive your brain a helping hand! In this post I outline some simple ideas to optimise that lovely bobble of grey matter between your ears! So how do you select the right brain fuel  to nourish your neurotransmitters? Find out here! Continue reading

gluten free bread

Bread-hedgehogNote! Today i learned that lectins in Legume legume flour can be damaging to health so i’ll be updating this post accordingly. Big hugs!

There’s sooo much fun to be had with yeast. These little guys (call them yeasties) just love to chow down with sugars before shaking their tale feather burping whilst they get their boogy on. And those burps are what make bread rise. Continue reading