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Through university studies and years of experimenting I’ve become an expert in cooking, nutrition, exercise and mind body health. And I have learned to heal many of my own health problems. Meanwhile my passion for health was ignited through the flames of challenges which have disabled my whole life, including my entrepreneurial work and my social life.

I now firmly believe that health is the cornerstone for anything we wish to do in life. This prompted me to study health and entrepreneurship at university in order to build a business to resolve healthcare problems. Overall my aim is for this business to help people like yourself realize your own best possible health and your own potential – in life, love, career and anything else you cherish.

Health journey

My health journey began as I learned the value of nutrients as I tried to reach my athletic potential whilst rowing for my school and for a national team. And for the last 25 years I have been increasingly focused on deepening my understanding through studying health and helping others with their health. My learning then accelerated as I dealt with massively debilitating health problems which opened my eyes to a huge gap in the health care system. It also awakened my career purpose of helping others with their health.

Overall, I have faced health problems which I know others face as well:

    • being unable to achieve my life goals due to chronic health problems
    • dealing with health problems that were not properly diagnosed or which were dealt with in a fragmented (vs integrated healthcare) manner
    • receiving ineffective diagnosis and palliative treatment which left me to manage my own health care and learn how to do so
    • funding much of my own health care expenses myself whilst also being unable to work due to poor health
    • being unable to work, be social or receive adequate social support, which contributed to my health problems

Overall, this motivated me to create business ideas to solve this healthcare issue. However as I created this business vision I once again suffered debilitating health problems which eclipsed me from turning this vision into an entrepreneurial start-up. The turning point with this was when I applied my business ideas to myself – gaining a diagnosis from blood tests, orientation from coaches and monitoring my progress with technology. With my health now restored, I am resolved to create or contribute to a business that uses a similar approach to both preventing  as well as treating chronic health issues. In doing so, I want to help you realize your full health potential.

Teams and tech

Overall I believe that health is a matter of team support. Sports training has both revealed my passion for and awe at the power unleashed when people work together. And this forms a cornerstone for my business ideas in providing integrated professional healthcare together with coaching and social support. All this I envisage as being provided on a technological platform which I have outlined here. Right now I am seeking a work placement or entry level position with a company that is making a similar platform. If you know of any companies that are creating or using health data in this manner, do please tell me! And do tell me: what is your health journey?

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