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diabetes type 3

A report by John Hopkins University (Brookmeyer, R., et al., 2007) estimates the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease will quadruple so that by 2050, 1 in 85 persons worldwide will be living with the disease. And noted in a study by Haltia (2006), tackling obesity is a key factor in modulating Alzheimer’s. Underlying this is a … Continue reading


My father spent the last few years of his life crippled by Alzheimer’s. And I would dearly love to prevent you and other people from suffering as he did by taking action to prevent it. Here I describe how Alzheimer’s occurs and how it may be both prevented and treated using integral medical practices. Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

alcohol and gluten

Beer (or wine) and Pizza make a classic combination – talk about umami! However that feel good effect may have more to it than the taste and the buzz of alcohol. It may in fact be a sign that opiates are being released into the brain. But how does this occur? And how can a … Continue reading