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essential amino acids

Arginine Used for Wound healing, detoxification reactions and immune function Promoting hormone secretion (e.g. insulin, growth hormone) Synthesizing creatine Plays central role in formation of Nitric Oxide Needed: During periods of growth (eg pregancy, childhood and muscle building training) and stress When protein intake in high (to break down nitrogen in amino acids) Prevents hypoammonemia … Continue reading

non and conditionally essential amino acids

Alanine Converts glucose to energy Removes toxins / supports liver detoxification Helps regulate nitrogen / glucose balance in body Asparagine Helps body get rid of ammonia Aspartic Acid Required for neurotransmitters Cysteine Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant Methyl donor in many body processes, including detoxification and converting homocysteine to methionine (homocysteine involved in inflammation in the body, … Continue reading

brain health

The brain and nervous tissues are affected detrimentally by saturated fats, animal fats, cholesterol, and transfatty acids and these food sources are associated with impaired mental function. Foods rich in omega 3 are associated with improved mental function Prolonged stress causes impaired memory function (due to the prolonged existence of stress hormones in the brain … Continue reading