allergies and sensitivities

A small bee sting, but a massive body reaction that still left swelling the next day

The sting was quick, just a quick stab as a flying insect collided with the side of my head during some cycling training. Within 15 minutes my body began to tingle, my legs and hips felt strange as i continued spinning, and my head began to pound. Fatigue took over and my vision narrowed, became blurry. Stopping to check my body, I could see a rash was covering my body in blotches, my skin was turning red.

What I was experiencing was bordering on an allergenic response. And this I later found out was being mediated by stress. The same has occurred to me with food: whilst physiologically stressed during a 600km endurance cycling event, my digestion rejected foods it found strange. And stress, I have found, also prompts food intolerances for gluten and legumes. How could this be happening? Was this the beginning of an allergy? Continue reading