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siberian ginseng – eleuthero

Part used Root and stem Use 2 tsp dried root in 16oz water decoct 30 mins, steep 1 hour Benefits Mild adaptogen – unlikely to cause overstimulation Relieves angina, lowers blood lipids, relaxes arteries and treats stress induced hypertension Strengthens immune system and regular use prevents colds and infections Reverses bone marrow suppression and decreased … Continue reading

milk thistle seed

Part used Seed extract Use Most effective as gel-cap extract  in combination with soy lecithin: phosphatylcholine enhances absorption of active component silymarin in GI tract and delivers to tissues (combination called silipide and labelled phytosome) Less effective as tea or as seed Benefits Hepaprotective and treats liver disorders Regulates fat digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces … Continue reading


Part used Root Use 2 tsp and decoct in 10 oz water for 15 mins, steep 45 mins Benefits Nervous system tonic and anti-depressant Cooling adaptogen and is unlikely to cause over-stimulation Enhances alertness, reduces fatigue, improves memory and relieves depressed state Prevents immune depletion from overwork, excessive physical training or cancer treatment Normalizes various … Continue reading


Part used Root Use Simmer 2 tsp dried root in 12 oz water for 1/2 hour and steep 1/2 hour Benefits Immuno-regulatory  – calming and stimulating effects on immune system Enhances immune system and prevents viral, bacterial infection Enhances resistance to colds – increases production of interferon, helps macrophages and immune cells become faster and … Continue reading


Part used Root Use 1/2 tsp dried root in 8oz water decoct 10 mins and steep 1/2 hour; effects take a week of daily use to become effective Benefits Calming adaptogen Rejuvenating, balancing, strengthening to nervous system, relieves fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and memory loss Treats anxiety, fatigue, cloudy thinking, nervous exhaustion Anti-Alzheimer’s – modifies way … Continue reading

reishi mushroom

Part used Mushroom Use 2 oz to 32 oz water decoct 4 hours Benefits Immuno-modulator – up and down regulates immune function Immune enhancing Triterpenes treat viral infections Improves cardiovascular function Adaptogenic qualities are cumulative and mild – improves adrenocortial function and relieves stress Premier longevity herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine – nourishes shen and … Continue reading

shiitake mushroom

PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Iron, Magnesium and Folate NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Stimulates natural killer cell activity to combat Cancer, fatigue syndrome, and common infections such as colds Prevents high blood pressure and heart disease, controls cholesterol, builds resistance to viruses … Continue reading

maitake mushroom

PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin D, Potassium, Copper, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3 SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B5 and Folate NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Significant source of Vitamin D Good dietary absorption of anti-cancer compounds when eaten in food Adaptogenic and significantly boosts immune system and builds immune reserves Hepaprotective May lower blood glucose and … Continue reading

asian ginseng – panax

Part used Root Use 2 tsp dried root decoct for 1/2 hour, steep 1 hour As powder, 2x 400 to 500mg  tablet 2x per day As extract 1x 400 to 500 mg tablet 2x per day Benefits Most stimulating adaptogen – good for weak and exhausted people and for treating Chronic fatigue in part due … Continue reading

american ginseng

Part used Root Use Simmer 2 tsp dried root in 12 oz water for 1/2 hour and steep 1/2 hour 2 x 500mg capsules 2 x per day Benefits Treats mild to moderate depletion of HPA axis (stress) and by consequence can help correct immune dysfunction As immune amphoteric, helps balance deficient or excessive immune … Continue reading

Herbal healing

Whenever you consider using herbs, please respect that they can have powerful effects. So do consult with a professional herbalist or conduct your own extensive research, especially if you are looking for specific functional effects. Name Use Benefits Dangers Burdock Tea Helps eliminate excess fluids and stimulates elimination of toxic materials, thus relieving liver disorders … Continue reading