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Functions Brain Rhythm: Chief inhibitory neurotransmitter Promotes relaxation: anti-anxiety, anti-convulsive Food habits and Weight Management Controls inhibition and balances other excitory hormones and neurotransmitters Controls ability to handle stress and impulses– low GABA leads to nervous tension and instinctive search for comfort and solace in food choices to resolve anxiety and poor impulse and portion … Continue reading


Functions Brain Speed: Cognition, Learning, Writing Controls brain speed; Memory and Hippocampus function; Creativity; Writing Promotes epinephrine and norepinephrine release Activates muscles / used in muscular contraction Food habits and Weight Management Controls memory and attention – low acetylcholine leads to confusion, poor food choices and eating fatty foods Controls lubrication and insulation – for … Continue reading


Functions Brain Synchrony: Mood and anger regulation Temperature regulation: affects Thyroid and metabolism Sleep regulation: converted to melatonin Appetite: carbohydrate stimulates production, present in Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract and affects GI motility Pain modulation Vasoconstriction Food habits and Weight Management Controls rhythm and tiredness – via conversion to melatonin and leads to proper rest and recuperation … Continue reading


Functions Affects Limbic system: reward, pleasure, motivation Protects against autoimmunity: works with immune system and thyroid in particular Affects Thyroid and regulates heart rate and blood pressure Affects adrenal function, kidneys and T-cells Affects Brain Power, Motor co-ordination, Cognition and learning Dopamine dampens glutamate activity leading to enhanced memory and learning Food habits and Weight Management … Continue reading