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stock and broth!

In my juice! post I mentioned about making a stock from leftover pulp from veggies. This is a great way to both get get a flavorful and nutritious stock, extracting any leftover nutrients from the pulp for use in cooking beans, soups or my personal favorite: risotto! Now, for an extra nutritious punch, add bones to the … Continue reading

bean cooking and sprouting!

In my stock and broth post I mentioned about cooking beans and legumes with the stock. Now I’d like to mention the benefits of sprouting before cooking them. And this boils down to the anti-nutrients in those beans / legumes. The main anti-nutrient is phytic acid. And here is an excellent article from the Weston Price Foundation … Continue reading

chocolate recipe!

Ahh for the love of chocolate! I guess nearly everyone has a soft spot for the dark delight that comes from the Cacao bean! And as long as it is dark chocolate, the high flavonoids are bio-available and have powerful anti-oxidant effects. Unfortunately, like coffee, chocolate is poorly traded and many growers are subjected to modern … Continue reading

beets, onion and tomato recipe

This is an amazing dish and the slow boiling brings out the sweetness of the Beets whilst retaining all the important nutrients in the cooking water. And the coconut oil adds a creamy taste as well as a boost for the liver. Added, the Lutein and Lycopene in the Tomatoes are incredibly good for eye … Continue reading