Welcome! Here you’ll find the best of what I’ve learned from years of personal experience as well as MA studies in nutrition and health to help you with your health and to realise your own health potential.

My own history involved teaching myself how optimise my health. Through experimenting, I’ve become an expert in mind, body and nutritional health as well as cooking.

I also geek out massively about nutrients and the nutritional value and function of foods – and that is the core of what i share here: how nutrients can both heal and also empower you to optimal health.

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All this is my little gift to you from my heart, as I am passionate about both helping you with your health.

Above all this site is about a health quest I invite you to be a part of … a quest about discovery and the mysteries about health that I continually unravel and marvel at …


“if i change, the world changes”

Presently I am undergoing a new athletic challenges – which include cycling faster and further than i have ever done before. After a taste last summer of that challenge, i know i will need to change my habits to carry on to my next set of goals. And my aim through this is to enhance, empower and enlighten both myself and you … and the world if i can!

As i change, as i keep on track with my goals, i’ll be sharing what i learn here. In 2006 I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome and still to this day it is literally crippling me. Yet through it all, i have found advanced skills in many sports, and many, many unique insights due to the nature of my physical disorder. So invite you to join me on this new quest – i’ll be posting updates as i go along to help you!

Right now, I am training myself for an epic cycle ride – the Paris Brest Paris 1,200km event. This is further than i have ever been in one go – and i will have 80 hours maximum to complete the event too!

I’m training for this event in loving memory of my father John who died of Alzheimer’s. So I am raising funds for the vital work that Alzheimer’s society do.

So please – be a hero and support this mission! Visit my fundraising page to make a kind donation today!

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Big hugs!