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Imagine a world where children are raised without the stigma of prejudice, where they are free to explore and create their identities and lives without the fear and misery bullying causes.

Now experience the reality: bullying affects 50% of all young people.

Maybe bullying affected you? Maybe it affects your children today? Let’s stop this from happening – let’s save this generation of children and the next generation from bullying.

Ditch the label are here to take a stand. Let’s help them!

Together, we can and will beat bullying.

As a labor of love from my heart, this site is dedicated to raising funds for the innovative anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label. And your support is vital!

  • If you donate just £5 you’ll be making a difference
  • £10 and you’ll be on the front line
  • £20 and you’ll be a striking a mortal blow in the fight against bullying
  • Anything more and you’ll be a hero, not just now, but for the future.

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Personally i wish i had access to the resources that Ditch the Label provide when i was a child. Instead i live with the toll bullying continues continues to cast over both my emotional and physical health as well as many, many other aspects of my life. So I am committed to helping Ditch the Label support children of today and tomorrow.


Here are the ways your donation can help:

£3 Will provide 1-2-1 support which could help 1 young person overcome the harmful effects of bullying.

£10 Will keep Ditch the Label’s website live for 1 day so that up to 3,000 young people can freely access help and support guides.

£25 Will fund enough 1-2-1 support to help up to 8 young people overcome the harmful effects of bullying.

£50 Keeps the Ditch the Label website live for 5 days so that up to 15,000 young people can access free help and support guides.

£100 Funds up to 10 online group support sessions to help up to 150 young people who are experiencing bullying.

£250 To keep Ditch the Label support materials online for 25 days so that up to 75,000 young people can freely access help and support guides.

Since launching in 2012, Ditch the Label have pioneered digital support for those who are impacted by bullying. They’re digital, which means that their overheads are relatively low. This means that they are able to make a little go an incredibly long way.

Each month, they provide crucial anti-bullying help to thousands of teenagers aged 12-25 through their website and partnerships with online games and social networks. They also produce research and public awareness campaigns to create real societal change as well as to counter the prominence and impact of bullying.To find out more about Ditch the Label and their award winning work, click here.

As a small, independent charity with huge reach, they receive no public funding and all of their work is funded privately, so every penny counts really does count!

So please – pledge your support and click on the link below to make a donation

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